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- I think that went well, Ghost said to me with a sarcastic happy voice.
- Yeah, I think they at least were glad for my Intel.
- Oh, while we where in there I received a message from our new warlock friend. Ghost chirped while it continued. It reads, "You didn't say how long your debrief with the vanguards would take but whenever your done I'm sitting on the balcony at tower north. I have some snacks if you're hungry".

He just sat there. Over the safety railing and out on the very edge of the balcony. Dailing his legs several hundred meters above ground. There was no wind tonight. Nothing but the city below with its dots of lights spread out through the dark. Oddly enough he had his helmet on, it's standard for any guardian to take it off in the tower. It didn't bother me but was odd to see someone like his personality to have it on. I camly walked up to him, gave a slight tap on his shoulder, it seemed like I startled him. At the same time he speaks to me while I shunked down next to him and I let my legs dangle of the edge.
- H-hey, there you are.
- Yep I got your message.
He proceeds to take his helmet off. Some music is slipping out from his helmet.
- The sky is really diffrent from here. I guess you come here often to listen to some music?
- Yeah... I sometimes come here after missions to... i dont know.
He looks away, looks towards the city. I don't know, it's my own little space away from all else. He shrugs, picks up a little box from his right side and hands it to me. I look up to him, then down on the box.
- Please. It's the very least I could do for you after all you did back down there and what you did for me.
Somehow without a word i know what was inside. I almost tear the lid off, inside lays two baguettes with salad, soymeat and potatoes. I was so happy I could cry. I guess I even did.
- I was thinking that you would really need some real food, from all your months hiding in caves and forests.
Coming home
This is my first upload of my fan fiction from the world of Destiny. 
The story follows my main guardian named Cassandra who is a warlock. 

Destiny belongs to Bungie and all that
but this is my own made story


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